Monument to Alexander Pushkin at the Alexandria Library

Bronze, 2m. Alexandria (Egypt), 2011

On June 12th, 2011, in the Library of Alexandria, was inaugurated a monument to the great poet Alexander Pushkin, in order to promote a positive image of Russia in the Middle East region.
The monument was made in the Egyptian style. Pushkin’s head is turned sharply to the right, which reminds us of ancient Egyptian murals. A sharp upward movement symbolizes the aspiration for the stars, to eternity. With one hand he leans on a cane, and he si wearing a coat. It seems massive and heavy, which emphasizes a strong, powerful figure of the poet.
The monument was inaugurated by the Russian Consul General, Alexander S.Y.Petlyakov, a representative of the Moscow Regional Duma, Natalia Popova, Deputy Director of the Alexandria Library, Mrs. Islambouli, director of the Russian Cultural Centre A.Arzoumanian, famous writers, poets, artists of Russia and Egypt.