Symbol of Peace and Kindness. Dandelion

Bronze, 3 meters. San Salvador (El Salvador) 2017

On the 12-th of January 25 years anniversary of establishing peace in the long-suffering land of Salvador was celebrated. Not the victory of someone over someone, namely the establishment of peace, when the principle of kindness was used. In honor of this historic event at the capital’s airport, in San Salvador, the Symbol of Peace and Kindness Dandelion was installed and opened!

Minister of Culture, two dep. foreign minister, deputy Minister of Defense, Deputy the head of the presidential administration, the head of the UN in El Salvador, from the Russian embassy, adviser Viktor Popovich Participation participated in the opening of the Dandelion. The event was widely covered by the press. Place of opening – the airport, was not chosen by chance. At the airport, everyone arriving is waited with kindness, and those who fly away take the warmth of the heart of the Salvadorans with them. All that really unites us is kindness! And therefore, the area where the Dandelion is installed, was called the “Square of Kindness”.