«Wonderworker» Award

Academy of Kindness awards with the “Wonderworker” prize

The composition of the award “Wonderworker” is distinguished by the elegance and clarity of the image as on Russian icons. In one hand is the Bible, with another hand – he blesses. Nicholas the Wonderworker is dressed up in the strict solemn clothing of the bishop, all covered with clear images of crosses. This vestment, according to the legend, was presented to him by the Mother of God. Especially carefully the artist executed a portrait. And although the source of inspiration were icons, it seems that the work was sculpted from life, being so authentic, emotional, it is characterized by a deep psychological image. In 2000, the sculptor erected a monument in the city of Demre (Kale) in Turkey, next to the temple, where St. Nicholas served as a bishop in the IV century. This monument served as the prototype of the “Wonderworker” award.