Academy of Kindness

We – Natalia Andreichenko, Yury Kuklachev and me, 6 years ago wondered why people in Russia live so badly? In the first place, people live badly, because it’s easier that way … And secondly, they’ve stopped being kind …

Despite the most difficult situation in life, if people are kind, then all problems are solvable – they help each other and support! Even in the most terrible conditions, such as the Gulag, people survived if they were kind.

In Russian, the word “goodness” or “kindness” has a second meaning, it is not only an expression of relations between people, but also means wealth! This is a very precise and deep concept, a well-known fact and yet people do not understand how true this is!

We conducted research from 1993 to 2003, and nowhere in the media the word “Kindness” was used… And if before people hesitated to give a hand to the criminal, then in the 90-s people were even proud that they knew bandits. And then the idea arose to return the word “kindness”, to give it a new life!

After all, without kindness – the world has no future. Hundreds of higher education institutions have been created in the world – there are entire armies where they are taught to kill. But kindness is not taught anywhere, and no one explains what it means … After all, a person is made good and kind by a human being. Only the church institute taught kindness. And that is more in relation to God than to each other.

And therefore, the task of the International Academy of Kindness is, first of all, to ensure that a sense of kindness and justice is inculcated in children from an early age. Man is not born kind, he should be raised to become kind! And schools and institutes should deal with this.

The second task of the Academy is to support all those people who, with their lives and activities, serve the ideals of kindness.

We want the Day of Kindness holiday to be celebrated all over the world – we gathered and arranged it for several years on May 1-st at Gogol Boulevard in Moscow.

We wrote letters to the President and the Patriarch in order to introduce a day of kindness. And when they canceled the day of November 7-th, November 4-th they first called “Day of good deeds”, and then the officials renamed it “The Day of Concord” … and ran into the movement of “dissenters” – fascists of various kinds used this day! If the officials immediately called this holiday “The Day of Kindness”, then no one would have thought to oppose kindness …

The world is made of contradictions which lead to conflicts and the way out is to understand that the law is frozen injustice and all the complex problems of our time are needed to be solved through the principle of kindness. Because only kindness and gratitude can save the world and make it better.