“Kurochka Ryaba” (Ryaba Chicken)

Moscov, Russia 2019

On the 20-th of April 2019 a sculptural composition dedicated to the Chicken Ryaba was officially opened at the Moscow Zoo. This is a symbol of kindness, mystery of life and faith in miracles. Now everyone can come, touch a golden egg and make a wish that will come true. This is a brilliant fairy tale about the sacred meaning of life, which was born in the immemorial times of folk life. It is based on a pagan idea of the world. The giant chicken Ryaba, with its head up, waves its wings and screams to the whole world that it laid a golden egg.

And this chicken Ryaba, none other than God, who gave man a golden egg – life. An old man with an ax and an old woman, so small, standing under the Ryaba chicken towering above them, do not know what to do. Someone, like the old man, is trying to smash a golden egg with an ax to make fried eggs. And someone, like a mouse, waved its tail and the egg broke.

This is a great fairy tale of gratitude, as we dispose of the golden chance that fate gives us. Someone will pass by his talent without revealing to all mankind how he could become a genius. Someone would pass by his love, chasing a golden calf, and someone completely drank his life.

And all that is necessary for life to be happy is gratitude, which is the highest point of wisdom. The law of kindness and gratitude is the main law of our lives. And above all, the Ryaba chicken is the embodiment of kindness, giving us a golden egg – life.

The project was implemented thanks to and with the full support of the company NMZhK, which is 125 years old this year! Thank you, Friends!