Lafkadio Hearn

Bronze - 1.8m, Tokyo, (Japan) 2004

Lafkadio Hearn (Koizumi Yakumo) – an Englishman who left the shores of Albion, and went to distant Japan, where he married and gave his life to the country. He perfectly mastered the language and in fact became a Japanese. The decision of the image came unexpectedly – the image of the London dandy, if you look at the work in the front face, at the same time – the Japanese medium, deeply immersed in contemplation, if you look at the work in profile.

And from behind – a huge hole in bronze, as a symbol of openness and the need to absorb without a trace everything related to the new homeland. Bust of Lafkadio Hearn is made in a realistic manner – an inspirational, expressive, psychologically rich image. Powerful in its energy, and the similarity with the prototype leaves no doubt. The main thing is that the sculptor puts into such portraits a feeling of vitality and eternity. On November 6, a bust of Lafkadio Hearn was installed on a high granite pedestal – just a few meters from the monument to Chekhov.