Monument L.N. Tolstoy

Bronze, marble, 2 m. Budapest (Hungary) 2017

On May 25, in the capital of Hungary, in Budapest, the opening of a bronze portrait to the great Russian writer Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy took place. The square on which the monument is erected was named after the writer. This is a truly historic event, and with the recent cooling and sanctions, all the names associated with Russia have been erased from the map of the capital.

The monument was opened by the mayor of Budapest Zoltan Pokorni, deputy Minister of State secretary Zhelt Chutora, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Parliament Olga Yepifanova, Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Russia to Hungary Vladimir Nikolaevich and many others. Sculptor G.V. Pototsky thanked everyone who helped and assisted the installation of the monument, especially emphasizing the outstanding role of the ex-mayor of the city of Niedermish Peter Ertshei, with whom the sculptor is already installing the second monument in Hungary. The first monument, the Symbol of Kindness “Dandelion” was installed in the city of Niedermish in 2009. The mayor was so impressed by the ideas of kindness that he created a foundation of kindness, with the support of whom the monument to L.N. Tolstoy was erected. The Deputy Chairman of the Hungarian Parliament, Ishtvan Jakob, gave a dinner in honor of the Russian delegation at the historic hall of the Parliament, where they usually receive the first persons of foreign states.