Monument to Alexander Pushkin

Bronze - 1m, Banja Luka (Serbia) 2008

The monument to Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin was opened in the city of Banja Luka in a park near the People’s Theater of the Republika Srpska (as part of Bosnia and Herzegovina). The opening ceremony was attended by the mayor of the city Dragoljub Davidovich and the Director of the National University Library of the Republic of Serbia Ranko Risojevic.

“During 250 years, Pushkin has been the largest spokesman of Russian poetry, Russian soul, Russian pan-Slavic openness,” Risoyevich said. “He is a symbol of the Slavic historical and cultural connection, as evidenced by his immortal poems.” Gregory Pototsky presented the monument as a gift, and also gave the city of Banja Luka a collection of paintings “Woman as she is.”