Monument to Octavio Paz

Bronze, 65 cm., Embassy of Mexico in the Russian Federation (Moscow) 2016

On May 15, on the Mexican island Isla Mujeres, a monument was opened to the Nobel laureate, the Mexican poet Octavio Paz.

The opening was attended by numerous guests, representatives of the mayor’s office, the local elite, artists, writers, the press. The opening of the monument received a great international response. The congratulations were sent by the ambassador of Mexico in the Russian Federation Ruben Beltran, who is a great friend of Russia, brilliantly knows its history and culture, deeply and truly appreciates complex events in world politics. Edward Malayan, Russian ambassador in Mexico, also sent a greeting. The mayor of the island Agapito Magana Sanchez addressed the audience. In his speech, he thanked Russia and said: “Nothing binds people together like culture, thanks to which true understanding arises between nations.” The opening was attended by the famous Russian actress Natalia Andreichenko, who takes an active part in all cultural activities of the sculptor in Mexico. The author of the sculpture is the famous Moscow sculptor G.V. Pototsky. This is the seventh monument set by G. V. Pototsky in Mexico.

On May 12, in Moscow, Ambassador of Mexico Ruben Beltran opened a monument to Octavio Paz at the school named after Cervantes, with in-depth study of the Spanish language. A yea before this event, sculptor Gregory Pototsky and Ambassador Ruben Beltran, decided to create the monuments to Octavio Paz in Russia and Mexico, in order to build such a spiritual bridge of friendship between Russia and Mexico.