Monument to Y.Turgenev and P.Viardo

Bronze - 2m, Moscow, 2004

The monument was be inaugurated in October 2004 in the
Moscow Institute for International Relations « MGIMO » .
This piece, very modern in it’s composition, tells the deep and passionate love that tied the great author Turgenev to the French opera singer Viardo, for more than 40 years. This monument is dedicated to a French woman, Muse and good angel for Turgenev; France was very proud of her.
The composition is romantic and dynamic; the sculpture revolves with the mere touch of the hand. It’s shape is that of a tree leave, the favourite one of the author. On one side we see Turgenev surrounded by his pens, on the other we see Viardo with roses playing the lyra. The leave is pierced at the top in the author’s hart, and on the reverse side on the lyra.