Symbol of Peace and Kindness “Dandelion”

Bronze, 300 cm. Vnukovo Airport, Moscow (Russia) 2018

On November 6, an incredible thing happened! The Symbol of Peace and Kindness “Dandelion” bloomed in the airport Vnukovo. Ambassador Efren Arnoldo Bernal arrived from far-away Salvador to pass the relay from San Salvador airport, where the first “Dandelion’ was installed, in honor of the 25-th anniversary of peace in Salvador to our Vnukovo airport. Salvadorans understood the idea so deeply that even the square where “Dandelion” was installed was called the Square of Kindness. The relay was taken by the CEO of Vnukovo, Vasily Alexandrov. He stressed that the opening of “Dandelion” is the result of the implementation of the charity program “In Russia with kidness, from Russia with kindness” and handed over the relay to the mayor of the Hungarian city of Nirmedish Peter Artshei, who is helping the installation of “Dandelion” at the airport in Debretzen.

The opening was attended by a representative from the Parliament of Costa Rica, Ernesto Jimenos, who did recently open “Dandelion” in the capital of San José. The result was a truly grandiose and international holiday, mutual understanding and friendship.

A small fraction of beautiful young drummers spread the news about the holiday throughout the district. The holiday was a success. Svetlana Shishkova and Arkadiy Pekarevskiy, who invested a lot of soul and money, were especially happy. Viktor Shaposhnikov, the “king of the stone”, smiled modestly on the side. Without their help and support there would be no such great event.
From today, airplanes from Vnukovo will scatter like the seeds of Kindness around the world.