The poet Alexander Pushkin

Bronze - 2м, Ningbo, China 2008

Every new monument to A. Pushkin is different from the preceding one. Despite of this it is always a Pushkin!
Although this monument is 2 meters, Pushkin appears smaller, as he really was in his life. The monument proportions shows us a true similitude of his person as he holds on to his cane which in those times was an object of fashion; few artists if any ever showed him with it. But as an art element included by Pototsky, it gives us a better understanding of the poet.
The original cane’s weight was 16 kg, and Pushkin used it every day to exercise and keep strong arm muscles as he was a famous duellist. The head on the monument seams slightly larger than it should be, and this precise feature confirms us that A. Pushkin is really present in front of our eyes.