The Symbol of Kindness “Dandelion”

Bronze, height 3m, Kathmandu (Nepal) 2015

On September 29 in the Academy of Nepal, in Kathmandu, the grand opening of the Symbol of Kindness “Dandelion” took place. The opening was attended by the Russian ambassador in Nepal S.V. Velichkin, Minister of Culture, Tourism and Aviation of Nepal Kripasur Sherpa, Chancellor of the Nepalese Academy Mr. Ganga Prasad Upreti, press and numerous guests of the capital. All the speakers noted the relevance of the installation of the Symbol of Kindness “Dandelion” and significant, at the time when Nepal adopted its constitution, which caused excitement in society, even open aggression. Today, more than ever, society needs kindness and mutual understanding. And only the observance of the principle of kindness can lead the country to harmony and peace. Nepal, very rich in historical and cultural heritage, to which millions of people from all over the world are striving, is one of the greatest mysteries of world civilization. This is a country that lives mainly due to tourism, so the kindness of its people and tranquility in the country, the main thing is that vital for Nepalese nowdays. 22 symbols of Kindness “Dandelion” have been installed around the world. Sculptor G. Pototsky is working on his charitable program “In Russia with kindness, from Russia with kindness” and trying to convey to the whole world to the basic principles of the world order: “A man is only a man when he is kind. Kindness is the solution to all problems. Where there is kindness, there are no boundaries. Kindness and gratitude are the main laws of mankind. “