Bas-relief to St. Nicholai Ugodnik

Bronze – 1m, Moscow (Russia) 2006

On the 5-th of November 2006 the famous Russian traveler Fedor Konukhov erected the bronze bas-relief of St. Nicholai Ugodnik on the on the walls of the stone chapel in honor of the dead sailors, climbers and travelers. The bas-relief was created by the sculptor Gregory Pototsky.
Fyodor Konyukhov built a chapel in the name of St. Nicholai Ugodnik of the Miraclean Wonderworker in 2004 in the courtyard of his art workshop at his own expense.

Nikolai Ugodnik is considered to be the most revered saint in Russia who helps all travelers.

When I passed Cape Horn, I prayed and promised that if I passed it, I would definitely build the chapel to St. Nicholas”, said Fyodor Konyukhov.

– It’s also true, God does not need to promise, you cannot promise. But if you promise, you must fulfill it. ”