Monument to the Book

Bronze, granite - 1,5m. – Khimki, (Russia), 2010

On the 1-st of July 2010, during the forum “Culture as a strategical resource of the Russian Federation in the XXI centrury” which took place on the territory of MGUK in Khimki, the opening of the “Monument to the Book” by Gregory pototsky took place.

The monument is a big book of Alexander Pushkin, which is established in such a way that the feeling of it floating in the air appears. The book is open: on the left side is the profile of Alexander Pushkin, on the right side – his immortal poem about love: “The wondourous moment of our meeting…” Under the book is the giant feather pen, and on the left side is the lira. The monument is not too big in size, but deep and capacious by its meaning. The Rector of of MGUK R.G. Abdulatipov, vice minister of culture of the Russian Federation A.E.Busigin, major of Khimki V. Strelchenko, I.D. Kobzon, musician Igor Butman, pianist Yury Rosum, Bari Alibasov, minister of culture of the Republic of Dagesten Zumrud Suleymanova and many others participated in the opening of the monument.