Monument to F. Dostoevsky

Bronze, 60 cm. Pliska, (Bulgaria) 2018

On the 6-th of March, in the old capital of Bulgaria, in the town of Pliska, in the museum complex “Courtyard of Cyrillic” the grand opening of monuments of Russian writers and poets  – A.S. Pushkin, F. Dostoevsky, S. Yesenin and the founder of Ossetian literature K. Khetagurov took place. The opening was attended by mayors of the neaby  cities and governors. The Consul of Russia, Director of Rossotrudnichestvo, Deputy Minister of Culture of Ossetia Chermen Dudayev did announce their greetings at the event. But the main figure of the celebration, modestly standing aside for Karen Aleksanyan, who conceived and realized this great project – “Yard of Cyrillic”. Monument are made by different sculptors. Gregory Pototsky created a monument to F. Dostoevsky