Monument to St. John of Shanghai

Bronze - 2m. Washington (USA) 2010

On September 11, the opening ceremony of the icon-monument to St. John of Shanghai took place in the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist in Washington. St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco is a special page in the history of Russia and America, when America showed itself from the best side. A Russian man made a feat of spirit and kindness. When the revolution happened in Russia in 1917, many Russians fled to China. Having lost their homeland, however, they settled in a foreign land, creating the centers of Russian culture in China. After 25 years, when a new generation had already grown, Soviet troops entered China to help the Chinese revolution. Five thousand Russians, along with their preacher John, fled to the Philippine island, which was not adapted for life. John of Shanghai – then people called him “John barefoot” (he never wore shoes), was short and wore heavy chains on his body. This man came to the US Congress and convinced the congressmen to pass a law on emigration, so that 5,000 Russians could enter the United States. After they left the island was destroyed by a tornado. And the local Filipinos said that while St. John of Shanghai prayed, there were no hurricanes over the island. John of Shanghai is one of the greatest examples of kindness in the 20th century.