Monument to the blessed mother Teresa of Calkutta

Bronze, 3m. Moscow (Russia), 2011

On September 24th 2011, was unveiled a monument dedicated to Mother Teresa, at the Catholic cathedral of Moscow located on Malaya Gruzinskaya street.
This tiny woman from Albania gave the world unrelenting examples of kindness towards the people in her charge. Her achievements have astounded the world!  The sculptor, Gregory Pototsky, founder of the Academy of Kindness, created this monument as an embodiment of human kindness, such as those actions Mother Teresa accomplished in her own simplicity. When nurses of Mother Teresa visited the studio of the sculptor and looked at the monument, they claimed that the monument resembled our Godmother the Virgin Mary. The outstretched arms, stretching towards the people, illustrate her love for everyone around her! The sculpture is expressive, filled with internal dynamics and vitality that attracts so much; one would almost want to touch her hands. Undoubtedly, this monument will become a pilgrimage attraction for believers. Present at the unveiling ceremony, were members of the Public Chamber of Russia, mister R.R. Atnagulov, the ambassadors of Austria, the Philippines, India, Pakistan and Albania as well as artists Vsevolod Shilovskiy and Natalia Andreichenko. Vatican representatives also present, the Cardinal Jozef Tomko, and archbishops Paolo Pezzi & Ivan Jurkovic, commented that the monument conveyed very well the holy life of Mother Teresa.