Monument to “Unknown saviours of the Jews”

Bronze and granite. Height - 2m, Philadelphia (USA) 2013

In Philadelphia, in the Barrack Hebrew Academy, was inaugurated a monument dedicated to “Unknown saviours of Jews during the Holocaust”. This establishment studies the history of the Holocaust. The monument is a memory in gratitude to the thousands of unknown people, who risked their own lives to save Jews from the holocaust during the Second World War.
The opening ceremony was attended by more than a thousand people: children and grandchildren of survivors, rabbis, philanthropists, politicians and public figures, and of course, the rector of the academy. The author of the statue, Gregory Pototsky commented on his work: “I searched for a long time for an image illustrating this difficult subject, and finally came to a very simple solution. Prison bars with stretched hands pleading for help… One hand stretched toward freedom tries to help. They both support a star of David. How to illustrate an unknown person? Only through the image of the hands, without any face. Hands, who passed the bread, food in difficult moments in the ghettos. Hands, who sheltered and saved many lives.