Plaque to the BUROV family

Bronze (30cmX60cm) Chester, United-Sates, 2010

At the Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas in Chester (suburb of Philadelphia) has been inaugurated a memorial plaque to the  Burov family. Nina Burova was a young mother of two when she was nominated as  Cossack army chief officer during the Civil War. In one battle she was wounded and captured by the Red Guards. Her husband, General Peter Burov was of the General Staff of the Royal Army who fought with Denikin during the Civil War. The family now living in the United States, helps building churches and schools and plays an important role in the Russian community.

The sculptor created a very interesting concept: three portraits, and above them the image of Our Lady blessing them. The purpose of the artist is to pay a tribute to the memory of amazing Russian people that preserve the culture of Russia and the Orthodox faith abroad. As the artist quote, “who remembers the past will have a future”. Without memory there is no future. The commemorative plaque was inaugurated by the Metropolitan Justinian.