Monument to Yuri Knorozov

Bronze, 3.5m. Cancun (Mexico) 2012

On the 23-th of March 2012 the monument to the great Russian scientist Yuri Knorozov, who deciphered Maya hieroglyphs, was donated from Russia and officially opened in Cancun.

The Ambassador of Mexico, Alfredo Perez Bravo, proposed the creation of a monument for Mexico. The sculptor found an image that expressively and volumetrically revealed the fate of Yuri Knorozov. He found harmony between abstract association, the meaning of life and a realistic image. Yuri Knorozov is the founder of the Mayanistic school in Russia, Doctor of Historical Sciences (1955). Winner of the USSR State Prize (1977). The solution is a two-sided relief, vaguely resembling a cross. There is an association that the Mayan alphabet is the crucifixion of Knorozov. The mayor of Cancun, Julián Ricalde Magaña, when he saw the monument, said: “Gregory, you created not only a monument to the great Russian scientist, but also the main symbol of the Mayan culture – the Goddess Is-Chel.” Monument to Yuri Knorozov is a monument to the great culture of the Maya.