Dandelion in Chisinau

Moldova 2021

The grand opening of the symbol of Kindness and Peace “Dandelion” took place at the Chisinau airport on October 14!
The wonderful idea of Arkady Pekarevsky, which originates from the installation of Dandelion in St. Petersburg, at the Pulkovo airport, has been continued! His idea is 100 Dandelions at 100 airports in the world. ” The airport is the most important communication center for millions of people and now they will fly to the capital of Moldova under the motto “In Chisinau in a kind way, from Chisinau with kindness.”
Everyone will now be able to put their hand on the palm of Dandelion and send impulses of kindness to family and friends and the whole world! This is how a neural network of kindness is formed!