Poetry Award «Mtsyri»

Mtsyri Festival Awards the Best Poet with «Mtsyri» Prize

The artist was looking for the image of the romantic hero of Lermontov’s poetry. He pushed off the lines in the poem “Mtsyri”: “I was glad to fight the storm.” A completely unexpected image emerges from under the artist’s hands — a restless, breaking out of chaos, a conquering One — not a bird, not a fish, with a human face, pierced through with rays and emitting light itself — being the Star. For the third year in a row, the “Mtsyri” poetry contest has been held. Only the poets of “Lermontov’s age” participate in the competition program of the festival – no older than twenty-seven years old. Gregory Pototsky heads the board of connoisseurs, as the creator of the “Grand Prix” symbol of the festival – the sculpture of the floating Mtsyri, which became a kind of poetic “Oscar”.